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For nearly two centuries, WIJSMAN “sweetcream” salted butter has been one of the most respected dairy products from the Netherlands. Our famous WIJSMAN butter is exported to countries with a tropical climate all over the world.  WIJSMAN consistently delivers the highest quality butter and is particularly cherished for its role in preparing the most delicious Asian snacks.

Our canned butter is available in various sizes. WIJSMAN guarantees great quality and service for all its products.



With a legacy spanning over 175 years, WIJSMAN is the oldest brand within our company. Founded in 1846 by Hendrik Johannes Wijsman Barentszoon, WIJSMAN has consolidated its place as a pioneer and leading supplier in the field of canned butter.

In WIJSMAN's early days, the challenges of transporting butter to distant countries with a tropical climate were significant. In 1900, Wijsman achieved a major milestone by exporting its butter to Indonesia for the first time. Unlike modern methods of canning butter and controlled temperature transport, the butter was shipped in wooden barrels. To maintain the quality of the butter, it was cooled in large rooms with many ice cubes.

WIJSMAN's dedication to innovation, quality and providing excellent service resulted in important developments that led to a crucial moment in 1945, when WIJSMAN started canning its butter. This innovation marked a turning point, enabling Wijsman to guarantee the butter's quality and freshness.

From its humble beginnings in 1846 to its global presence today, WIJSMAN continues to provide a taste of tradition and excellence. Whether enjoyed in tropical climates or far beyond, WIJSMAN canned butter remains a symbol of timeless quality and a rich history that spans generations.

Pakhuis D'Theeboom
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Packaging Options

WIJSMAN offers its high quality salted canned butter in various sizes to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Net weight: 200 g

60 tins per carton

Net weight: 454 g

24 tins per carton

Net weight: 1000 g

12 tins per carton

Net weight: 2270 g

6 tins per carton

*In addition to the packaging options mentioned above, WIJSMAN also offers 10 kg cans of
pure Dutch butteroil with a milk fat percentage of 99.8%.



Our certifications guarantee that our products follow the highest possible food safety
and quality standards.


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